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Thursday, February 19, 2015


The Siberian Blast is slowly making it's way down to Newbern this early morning. At 2:30am central time this morning it was 14°, now at 5:00am it is down to 10°. How much more will it drop? More to follow later. 6:15am in Newbern now and down to 9°, battery starts to show that its going dead when it hits 10° on the weather station. Getting daylight now and the birds are starting to stir. Ordered a suet cage for the wookpeckers and other birds that enjoy their fat. Going to hook up the 1080p HD webcam today with new software to give it a try, cam might be down an hour or so later. Sunny and cold is the verdict for today. HD Webcam is up and running in720p, couldn't get the software to accept the HD1080p settings, work on that another day I guess.

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